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Scleroderma Australia Inc.,
C/- St. Vincent's Hospital,
47 Victoria Parade,

Telephone: 02 9990 5159

Our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board members come from different states in Australia and reflect a range of therapeutic areas affected in scleroderma.

The current MSAB members are:

  • Eli Gabbay, Respiratory, WA
  • Fiona Kermeen, Respiratory, Qld
  • Eugene Kotlyar, Cardiology, NSW
  • Susanna Proudman, Rheumatology, SA
  • Janet Roddy, Rheumatology. WA
  • Glenn Reeves, Immunology, NSW
  • Les Schreiber, Rheumatology, NSW
  • Wendy Stevens, Rheumatology, Vic