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Scleroderma Australia Inc.,
C/- St. Vincent's Hospital,
47 Victoria Parade,

Telephone: 02 9990 5159

Scleroderma Australia

The purpose of our association is to:

  • promote scleroderma awareness on a National basis
  • disseminate information about scleroderma
  • fund and coordinate scleroderma research on a National basis
  • advocate for improved and ongoing support for scleroderma patients


Scleroderma Australia is managed by Executive with delegates from each State Organisation. Our mission is fulfilled through:

  • Educational seminars and information for patients
  • State-based support groups
  • Support for scleroderma research
  • Website with news and information
  • Centralised message bank, 02 9990 5159
  • Annual National awareness campaign

The Future:

As a newly formed association we continue to evolve. A major goal is to augment our Executive Committee with additional persons interested in scleroderma. With our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB) whose members are distinguished researchers and clinicians in scleroderma and related fields, we are moving forward to identify and fund research in scleroderma and related areas. Complete our Register of Interest for more information or to join Scleroderma Australia or your local state association who run support groups and other services designed to help persons with scleroderma, their families, friends and carers.


Our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board members come from different states in Australia and reflect a range of therapeutic areas affected in scleroderma.

The current MSAB members are:

  • Eli Gabbay, Respiratory, WA
  • Fiona Kermeen, Respiratory, Qld
  • Eugene Kotlyar, Cardiology, NSW
  • Susanna Proudman, Rheumatology, SA
  • Janet Roddy, Rheumatology. WA
  • Glenn Reeves, Immunology, NSW
  • Les Schreiber, Rheumatology, NSW
  • Wendy Stevens, Rheumatology, Vic