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Scleroderma Australia Inc.,
C/- St. Vincent's Hospital,
47 Victoria Parade,

Telephone: 02 9990 5159

Our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Medical and Scientific Advisory Board members come from different states in Australia and reflect a range of therapeutic areas affected in scleroderma.

The current MSAB members are:

  • Eli Gabbay, Respiratory, WA
  • Fiona Kermeen, Respiratory, Qld
  • Eugene Kotlyar, Cardiology, NSW
  • Susanna Proudman, Rheumatology, SA
  • Janet Roddy, Rheumatology. WA
  • Glenn Reeves, Immunology, NSW
  • Les Schreiber, Rheumatology, NSW
  • Wendy Stevens, Rheumatology, Vic

The Sunflower

To raise awareness about the condition, Scleroderma Australia has adopted the sunflower as the national icon. The sunflower is symbolic, which, like the sunflower which turns towards the sun for warmth, people with scleroderma are usually more comfortable in warmer weather. 

Hand in hand for World Scleroderma Day 2016